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Super Smoothie all loaded and ready to go!

Super Smoothie — a major ingredient for stress reduction

Relief from stress requires a healthy body and brain which, in turn, require a nutritious diet.  Unfortunately, few people in industrialized countries even know what constitutes a nutritious diet.  Both the old food pyramid and the new one recently published by the USDA contain more or less equal amounts of disinformation.  Neither a human being nor any other animal can thrive on cooked meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits and pasteurized dairy products.  Heating food over 115 degrees Fahrenheit destroys all the enzymes and also greatly reduces the nutritional value of the “imitation food” product.  Most of modern man’s illnesses, as well as those of his pets, are the direct result of consuming huge amounts of highly processed, chemically saturated, denatured cooked food.

In their natural environment, early humans, like today’s wild chimpanzees, were primarily gatherers and scavengers.  They spent the day roaming the countryside and eating various leaves, fruits, and nuts that they happened upon.  Occasionally, they might partake of a raw bird egg, small animals, or a carcass abandoned by a carnivorous animal.  Once they developed hunting skills themselves and became comfortable with fire, larger animals were killed and roasted on an open fire.  Eventually, as they began including cooked grains, leaves, and roots in their daily diet, the improved taste and texture lured humans into becoming addicted to cooked food.  That addiction, which we have inherited and turned into a near-religion, then led to the host of deadly diseases that now afflicts all modern humans who eat a diet consisting primarily of cooked food.

Specks of green indicate smoothie needs a little more blending.

If you wanted to be super healthy today, you could duplicate primitive man’s diet, which would be mostly green leaves, fruit, a few raw nuts, and some occasional raw animal protein.  Of course, doing that, you’d have little time for anything else.  A practical solution to that problem, the green smoothie, has been popularized by Victoria Boutenko and her family.  See:  It would be well worth your while to get several of Victoria’s books, starting with her first book, “12 Steps to Raw Food,” in which she makes an irrefutable case for a mostly raw diet.

What the green smoothie does is provide you with wonderful natural nutrition from various greens, such as kale, collards, lettuce, spinach, and so forth, presented in a convenient and easily digestible formula which, with the addition of your favorite fresh fruit, also tastes great.

All done and ready to enjoy.

As you study this rapidly growing phenomenon that has caught the attention of many celebrities,  you’ll discover that a “green smoothie” is about as amorphous as vegetable soup.  No two are ever exactly the same.  You can find thousands of recipes online by searching those key words – green smoothie – or green smoothie recipes.

I tried eating an all-raw vegan diet for nearly a year but, even though I ate huge amounts of food, I got way too skinny.  If you prefer an all-raw diet, you’ll find that the green smoothie will help you to maintain your ideal weight.

Chard makes a delicious Super Green Smoothie.

I now use a more robust green smoothie that I call a Super Smoothie for both my breakfast and dinner.  This gives me an abundance of natural, easily assimilated vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  With this great source of nutrition, I rarely feel “hungry,” even when my stomach is empty.  My lunch is sometimes partly cooked and sometimes all raw.  As a descendant of early meat-eating hunters with blood type O-negative, I find that I do better physically and mentally with a small amount of animal flesh several times each week.  My preference is salmon or real sardines (such as Blue Galleon BELA-Olhão Sardines), but I also grill beef, pork, or chicken from time to time.  Some raw food purists eat their meat and fish raw but, for me, the nutritional gain does not outweigh the risks of disease.

You’ll need a tough, professional-style blender if you become a regular smoothie fan.  I have a Vita-Mix that has served me well for a couple of decades.  Any machine that can process ice cubes is a good candidate for smoothie service.

I grow my own organic greens and use them fresh or frozen.  If I purchase commercial greens, I always soak them in water with a small amount of vinegar added to help kill any bacteria that might be present.  Sometimes I use a spray bottle of vinegar and cover the leaves with pure vinegar and then rinse them several times.

Super Smoothie

One cup of mixed greens

One ripe banana

One cup of mixed fruit of your choice, fresh or frozen

One tablespoon of bee pollen granules (only if you’re sure you’re not allergic to it).

One tablespoon of raw sunflower seeds

One tablespoon of raw pumpkin seeds

Two tablespoons of raw flax seed

Two cups of non-chlorinated water or fruit juice

All ingredient sizes are approximate.  Make it to fit your own preference for taste and texture. I often use fresh pineapple because it tends to cut the bitterness of the raw greens. Since I grow my own figs, I also use lots of them, both fresh in season and frozen the rest of the year.  If you like a thick smoothie, take out some of the liquid.  If you like it thin, add a little water or juice.  Regular bottled apple juice, although not raw, adds to the overall sweetness of the Super Smoothie and serves to encourage you to make them a habit.  (Even pasteurized fruit juice is better than city tap water.)  As you discover the wonderful benefits of this healthy addition to your diet, you can experiment with ever more nutritious recipes.  To get the Mediterranean Diet effect, you might try adding a tablespoonful of extra virgin olive oil.  See this article for support of that reasoning:

Seeds from watermelons, cantaloupes, and other melons are another super ingredient that you’ve probably been throwing into your trash can or compost heap.   For more information on how to use these very nutritious “free” edibles, click on “Posts” on this website and scroll down.

Raising your own organic greens for your smoothies is well worth the effort.

I stuff my greens whole into the blender first and pack them down.  I then add the seeds and any other tough items, followed by the fruit and juice or water.  If you start your blender off at a high speed, you not only throw a lot of ingredients into the lid, but sometimes you also get the lower part of the mixture mixed while the top remains unmoved.  With my variable speed blender, I start it off at the lowest possible speed and gradually ratchet it up as the various ingredients start getting chewed up from bottom to top.  When everything is moving in a good vortex from top to bottom, I then put it on the highest speed and blend for a minute or two until no solid specks of greens can be seen through the blender walls.  Once you pour up your smoothie, if you add a small amount of cold water and an ice cube to the blender and turn it on high, you can wash down most of the residue and add it to your glass.  I find that a tablespoonful of coffee grounds seems to help with the final blender cleanup.  Just add the grounds to clean water and run the blender on high for a few seconds.

This recipe makes about three pints, which normally is enough to serve as two meals.   Drink what you want and store the rest in the fridge in a glass jar.  As long as you keep it cold, according to Victoria Boutenko, a smoothie will stay palatable for as long as three days.  The sooner you consume it, however, the better.  Since the smoothie is made up of a number of different ingredients, usually it will start to separate in a jar fairly quickly.  By the next day, you’ll see your greens in the top half and the liquid you used in the bottom half.  Not a problem.  Shake well and pour it up.

To maximize digestion, drink your Super Smoothie slowly and “chew” it before swallowing to add the digestive enzymes that are located in your saliva.  If you chug-a-lug it, it could give you a bellyache.



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