Is It Possible to Eliminate Stress Forever?

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Life without joy is no life at all. Our objective is to enable you to generate outrageous joy in your own life, regardless of the circumstances, and share that joy with every living creature that you encounter.

Is It Possible to Eliminate Stress Forever?
By Jack “Doctor Stress” Thomas, B.S, M.A.

Stress is an expensive killer.  It contributes to all major diseases, both before and after they’re discovered.  The New York Times estimated some years ago that stress in the workplace costs this nation more than $300 billion each year.  This equals some $7,500 per employee that is spent on stress-related compensation claims, absenteeism, increased health insurance costs, direct medical expenses, employee turnover and, of course, reduced productivity.

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The first problem that professed experts have in dealing with stress is that they fail to accurately define it.  Thus we have such fuzzy concepts as “good stress” and “bad stress.”  Tension and stress, like pleasure and pain, are on a continuum.  However, they should not be considered as the same thing.

In my Psychoharmonics™ system, tension is recognized as both good and necessary to life.  It’s like winding up your rubber band to get you moving along to accomplish good things.  When tension is so great that it begins to hurt your body and mind and interfere with your efficiency and effectiveness, however, that’s what I define as stress.  By that definition, all stress is bad.

The second problem that most professed experts have when they attempt to provide relief for stress is they fail to recognize what causes it.  In most theses, you can find a host of events that are suggested as causing stress, such as death of a spouse or getting fired from your job.  That theory falls apart, however, if you hated your spouse and already were looking for a cheap way out of the marriage.  Same for the job – if you have a better one waiting for you, or you have enough money saved to start your own business doing something you love.

Obviously, then, events don’t cause stress.  What actually causes stress in all instances is the maintenance in your own mind of one or more impossible goals.  It’s that simple.  An impossible goal, of course, is one that cannot be achieved because of time, space, or circumstances.  You can’t do anything yesterday.  You can’t be in two places at the same time.  You can’t change the weather.  You can’t resurrect the dead. And, most importantly, you can’t set goals for anybody but yourself.  You can’t even set goals for your dog, much less a mate, a child, or an employee.  You can urge or demand that they set goals for themselves that you want achieved, and you can punish them if they don’t pony up, but that’s the limit of your power.

So, what to do when you’re feeling stressed – short of medicating with alcohol or taking a dangerous, habit-forming pill?  Just take a break and ask yourself what impossible goal you’re trying to achieve.  Are you trying to do 12 hours of work in six hours?  Are you beating yourself up because you want to be at your daughter’s birthday party in Atlanta, but you also have to be at a do-or-die business meeting in New York?  Is your teenage son not buying into your value system?  Is that jerk on the expressway cutting into your space?  Has that stupid dog soiled the rug again?

Once you figure out the impossible goal that’s the root cause of your stress, all you have to do is mentally cancel it.  You think that’s an impossible goal?  It really isn’t once you learn the basic mechanics in the overall system of Psychoharmonics™.  As you learn to control your labels for every object, event, and being in your environment, you find that you then are able to control your dominant mindset with amazing consistency.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and so will everybody around you.

Of course, unless you are raised from day one in a nurturing environment where Psychoharmonics™ principles are practiced, occasionally, in spite of your best efforts, you’ll have little “emotional burps.”  Somebody will make an offensive remark, do something that disappoints you, or they invade your space, as other drivers often do on the highway.  You react instinctively by feeling “hurt” or angry.  You might mutter a little four-letter word or two.  Not to worry.  Your emotional burp is not indigestion or stomach cancer.  As you continue to practice the Psychoharmonics™ philosophy, you’ll find that these burps come less frequently and, even when they do, you’re able to get rid of them in record time.

The methodology for gaining control of your emotions is condensed in my little book, Eliminate Stress Forever with Psychoharmonics™.  My Kindle book, Stress is a Choice — So is Joy, also is now available at  Of course, no matter how good a software system you have for dealing with stress, your hardware system also has to be in good shape for you to be able consistently to avoid stress.  That means you need to stick to a diet that is kind to your body and mind, and also get enough exercise to keep the clinkers filtered out of your brain.  Most theories bomb out on these subjects, too.  I’ll show you something that works — and will continue to work for the rest of your joyful life.

I’ve had a long and interesting career advising and writing for a host of high public officials and executives.  Now, as we face an ever-more-challenging world, the proven effectiveness of my system for relieving stress has created such a demand for my services that I’m coming out of retirement to serve as a lecturer and personal coach to people in all walks of life who are straining to cope with these trying times.  As an Advanced Toastmaster who has won many speaking contests, I make it a point to make my talks entertaining as well as informative.

You can’t change a lifetime of destructive habits overnight, of course, but once you grasp the basic concepts, you can make great headway toward reducing your stress and, at the same time, greatly increase your efficiency and effectiveness.  A more complete synopsis of the system can be found on this website.  See the page entitled “Psychoharmonics — the total stress relief program that works.”

As a trim, healthy, athletic individual who, at age 78, is totally drug-free and still enjoys long walk/runs and many other physically demanding activities, I can truthfully brag that I “walk the talk.”

If you’d like to increase your own productive longevity, your effectiveness, your efficiency and, most of all, the amount of joy you get from life, contact me.  Life is short, and we all get to go around just once.  What we make of that one time is a choice.  Once you learn how simple it is to make the right choices with a little coaching and feedback, you’ll be on your way to a much happier way of life.

For a more complete study of this proprietary system for gaining control of your emotions instead of having them control you, see Psychoharmonics™ — the total stress relief program that works by clicking on that page on the right side of this page.

As time permits, I’m also happy to waive fees to address nonprofit groups within a reasonable driving distance.

Final fact: No other system at any price will provide you and your family or employees faster or better relief from stress than the Doctor Stress Psychoharmonics™ program.  I guarantee it. If you take the traditional route of psychotropic drugs, whether by a doctor’s prescription or an illegal drug pusher, you’re only buying more trouble. Drugs don’t solve problems. Drugs cause problems. If you don’t believe it, read the fine print that comes with your legal pharmaceuticals.  Better yet, just read the many sad stories about the late great comedian Robin Williams. For a more technical argument, see:

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5 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Eliminate Stress Forever?

  1. I am trying to locate a complete copy of Dan MacDougald’s Emotional Maturity Instruction manual. I have part of a copy that was used by several people to teach EMI in Chattanoog Tennessee. I am also trying to locate any other information about the Aramaic words that Jesus used. I have the list and the definitions and I also have a copy of Enlightenment about The Khaboris manuscript. I am especially looking for the sections on forgiveness as they are missing from the manual that I have. I learned EMI from a young age from an instructor in Chattanooga and before she passed away, she gave me what written information she still had. I would appreciate any help finding a complete copy or any other information about Mr. MacDougald. Thank-you for your help-Margaret Dunstan

  2. Sorry, Ms. Dunstan, but other projects have caused me to neglect my website for a while. I have some original material that Dan gave me when we were working together, but a lot of it is packed away in boxes here and there. I hope to have it all collected and together by the end of the year. In the meantime, if you’ll click on “Psychoharmonics” in the toolbar on this site, you’ll find everything you need to know to practice forgiveness. All you do to forgive is cancel the goal you set for someone else, which was an impossible goal anyhow. You can set possible goals only for yourself. If you’d like to give me a call at 770-595-nine zero zero four, I’ll be glad to tell you what I know about Dan, his work, and his eventual demise.

  3. I am so happy to hear from you! I will be most glad to speak with you. I have spent several years trying to connect with someone who either knew Dan or knew about his work. What I was taught has been so remarkable that I am trying to preserve what ever written information is available. I will be glad to share with you the paperwork I have if you are interested. Thank-you so much for contacting me…..Margaret

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